2EØSDR - UK Amateur Radio Station           
My name is Adrian Lane, my callsign is 2EØSDR, I am located in the severnside town of Lydney (IO88RR), Gloucestershire, England.
I have been into radio since I was in my early teens,and that is now a very long time ago,  I started my interest in radio like a lot of other amateur radio operators, I developed my interest from CB radio, I then moved onto short wave listening.
After a break of a few years, I visited a friend who had a fantastic setup in his house, he turned the radio on and made a few contacts, that was it, I then decided to take my foundation license, I did this with the assistance of the Chepstow & District Amateur Radio Society, I had a lot of help from Steve Trott (G8ZOE) & the late David Reynolds (2EØDCR) & Mark Tanner (MØMTT).
I started working QRP as the license permits, I later moved on to take my intermediate license, again with the Chepstow club, I then obtained my current callsign of 2EØSDR.
Homebrewing became a large part of the hobby for me, and with the assistance of John Stoole (MIØDFG) I eventually managed to get projects running, I have learnt a lot from John, he has assisted me in a lot of ways, my love of low powered homebrewed equipment is very much my fortey today.
My love of Software Defined Radio (SDR) has been there since I saw the first receivers appear years ago, I did build the Avala o1 SDR Transceiver, and with the help of John (MIØDFG) I did get it going and managed to have some good qso's on it. I have built lots of projects over the years, pictures of the equipment I have built can be found in the gallery section of the site.
The space missions have always been of interest to me, and I have managed to speak to astronauts on the International Space Station on a number of occasions, I also love working the satellites, I am a longtime supporter of Amateur Radio Satellite Corporation (AMSAT).
When it comes to antennas, I prefer to build my own, were possible. I have had many good results with the antennas I have built, but I have also had some disasters with my designs, but that is learning, amateur radio always has something new to teach us.
I have always been a fan of the Linux operating system, since it's early days, I currently run Linux Mint 19.2 x64 in the shack, alongside MS Windows 10, the Raspberry PI that I run in the shack, is currently running Raspian, these things are amazing, I run SDR on it, I also use it in my projects that I develop on the Arduino development platform.
Well there you have it, that is a bit about what my station and myself are all about, I am happy to answer any questions, or assist anybody in anyway I can, just get in touch.
Adrian de 2EØSDR.