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Welcome to my world of Software Defined Radio (SDR) & The Raspberry PI.

KKMoon USB RTL-2832U + R820T Software Defined Radio Receiver.
Well this is the first SDR receiver to hit the bench in the shack for a long time, I shall be covering all aspects of this nice looking, competitively priced receiver. I shall enjoy testing this one & seeing what it can do, I will be letting you all know the results.
Frequency range: 100khz to 1.7Ghz
Chipset: RTL-2832 & R820T
Metal Cased
Supplied with, 1 x small magnetic mount antenna & 1 x quality screened USB cable.
The Raspberry PI 3 Model B+
I shall be testing and running the SDR receivers on the Raspberry PI with the latest version of Raspbian (Debian) Linux as the operating system, to see what this little power house can really do.
The Pi has been around for a long time now, but I have always run my receivers on the PC, time to give this little baby a dusting off and a good run out.
The software that I shall be using is the Linux version of Gqrx & CubicSDR, I shall also be constructing projects other than SDR and using the PI, to see how it performs, it should be very interesting.
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