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Welcome to my world of Software Defined Radio & Amateur Radio.

Severe Weather Monitoring & Stormchasing has always been a great interest of mine, I have sat the Skywarn UK Spotter online examination, I passed this successfully.
Skywarn UK is a network of severe weather enthusiasts, from all across the country, we are constantly watching and monitoring the UK weather system for signs of severe & extreme weather. The data is then passed & shared with other Spotters, and reported to other UK weather organisations, who recognise the inteligence as being reliable, this is because  they know that the Skywarn UK Spotters are knowledgable people.
People are often surprised when I tell them the sort of things that have been happening with the UK Weather system, there is far more severe weather around than people realise sometimes.
A lot of Skywarn Spotters are Amateur Radio operators and use it to exchange information.


In the shack I am running both Linux (Linux Mint) and MS Windows 10 (x64), I am also using the Raspberry PI, running Raspian in order to operate the RTL2832U based receivers that I have, see rtl-sdr.com.
I am a very experienced Software Defined Radio (SDR) enthusiast, I am always looking to improve the hardware I come across, so I shall be updating and sharing my progress with everybody, I also hope to be developing some addons or designs that I am working at the moment.
I hope that you find something of interest here, please feel free to contact me with ideas or questions you may have about anything on the site.

When it comes radio equipment that i use in the shack, I love mixing the old with the new, I am a great lover of some of the older classic radios.
I have recently obtained an Icom IC-725 HF all mode transceiver from my good friend John (MIØDFG), it is a lovely little radio and ideal for going out on the top of the local high ground, due to it's small size, it is only 9.5 inches wide, therefore making it is easy to transport, but it still packs some decent power at up to 100W.
So it is just a few things to get together now and I can get out there and enjoy some great days out, working dx from the local high ground on this old lovely transceiver.

/Raspberry Pi.webpI am using the Raspberry PI 3 model B+ in the shack for APRS & Packet Radio, it is running Raspian (Debian) Linux, with Direwolf for the sound card interface & Xastir for APRS, along with LinPac as the Packet terminal.
I am eagerly awaiting delivery of the TNC-PI kit from Coastal Chipworks in the USA, when this kit arrives, I will build it and make a video of it working with the Pi.
It is incredible what these little computers are capable of, I also have another Pi 3 that is running Windows 10 IoT Core, so I shall be comparing these two across the different operating systems.
It will be interesting to see how far I can make these little pc's really go.